23 June 2005

UTF-8 Locales: Disabling the Language Box

Thanks to Laurent Blume who recently posted the *real* solution (not the cheap hack I posted a few months back) as to how to disable the incredibly annoying language selection boxes that JDS and Motif feature by default under Solaris 10 and UTF-8 locales. The solution is simple and kudos to Laurent for finding it!

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17 June 2005

Solaris Development Tip

Beware /usr/ucb.

By default this is in your path, and if you want to use the SUN Studio compilers to compile anything and everything, you need to either put /usr/ucb after /opt/SUNWpro/bin in your path, or take it out completely (highly recommended).

The reason for this? As far as I can tell /usr/ucb/cc implies -Xs, since /usr/ucb/cc is designed to act as an interface to the BSD Compatibility Package C compiler. So, if you go along your merry way and try to compile source code that uses C99 extensions, such as the following:

#define a(...) foo

You may encounter bizarre errors such as:
"test.c", line 1: bad formal: .
"test.c", line 1: bad formal: .
"test.c", line 1: bad formal: .

What clued me into what was wrong was the following warning when I tried to enable c99 extensions:
/usr/ucb/cc -xc99=all -o test test.c
cc: Option -Xs requires -xc99=none

Obviously, I'm not passing -Xs myself, so /usr/ucb/cc must be implying it automatically. I encountered this while trying to compile the latest version of metacity (the default GNOME window manager). While I realise many Solaris old-timers may already know about this, I thought I would pass it along as I'm fairly new to Solaris development myself.

I've been told and have read comments by a few different friendly SUN engineers that there is no good reason to have /usr/ucb in my path. I plan to follow their advice.

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16 June 2005

Solaris Express Community Release Tip

If you're having problems booting the Solaris Express Community Release (necessary to Build OpenSolaris), try unplugging any USB devices you have connected to the system (especially if it's a Logitech Optical USB Mouse). There's a bug right now that prevents some systems with certain USB Mice from being able to properly boot the Solaris Express Community Release. I have been told that a fix will be put out for this soon.

Additionally, when you have any problems booting the Solaris Express Community Release, you should read Dan Mick's blog entry about debugging the boot process so that you can provide more information to those who can fix it.

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15 June 2005

OpenSolaris is here!

What are you still doing here? Get it now!

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