19 April 2005

Solaris 10: A Few Development Tips and Solutions

Like me, after setting up Solaris 10 and getting your development environment going with the gcc that comes "in the box" (or "in the iso" as is the most likely case), you may have run into bizarre errors when running "configure" for programs you tried to compile and install. "configure" spouts things like system unable to compile programs, no proper compiler installed and so forth. You may also have encountered errors about missing symbols that look like they come from libstdc++. Well, be mystified no more. Four easy steps to a more blissful development environment:

1) Remove /usr/ucb from your path. You probably won't miss it, and unless you have the SUN studio tools installed, it's best if it's not in your path anyway (due to /usr/ucb/cc I believe).

2) Apply the fix found here for SUN's possible oversight.

3) Add /usr/sfw/bin to your $PATH (preferably *first* in my opinion)

4) Add /usr/ccs/bin to the *end* of your $PATH

Have fun!

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