09 April 2005

Need a quick way to kill the X server?

Recently I had an X11 program misbehave and esentially make my JDS desktop unresponsive to my input. Since I don't have another system nearby where I can login in via SSH and kill Xorg manually, I've just been hitting the reset button because for some odd reason Control + Alt + BackSpace doesn't kill the server by default with Solaris 10 (on some systems possibly?).

Well, I happened to post about this on the Solaris x86 Yahoo Group Mailing List and Adrian Saul along with Casper Dik of SUN were kind enough to post the solution, and why it was needed. The solution is simple, add the below to the bottom of your /etc/X11/xorg.conf:

Section "ServerFlags"
Option "HandleSpecialKeys" "Always"

Solved the problem rather nicely, fear misbehaving X11 programs no more!

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